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“Lady Don’t Tek No” Music Video World Premiere

April 26th, 2016


Nearly 20 years since its release, the Latyrx classic, “Lady Don’t Tek No” has been given a music video.
In celebration of LB’s Greatest Hits album, “Now Look What You’ve Done, Lyrics Born!” the track has finally been given a proper visual companion thanks to long-time LB collaborators, Maximum Flavor Media.

The Source just premiered the video today and you can see it right here!

Lyrics Born’s Greatest Hits album is in stores now. You can purchase it digitally by clicking here.


November 5th, 2013

Finally, after 16 years in the making, the highly-anticipated & long-awaited follow up to the 1997 West Coast masterpiece, ‘THE ALBUM’ has been unleashed!


Critical Praise:

“Bay Area alt-rap heroes return ahead of the long-delayed The Second AlbumSPIN

“[The Second Album is] eclectic without getting wacky, thoughtful without getting preachy, full of great wordplay over beats that tie hip-hop to a history of all-purpose head-nod music from funk to electro and beyond.” – Rolling Stone

“Get excited, y’all”PotholesInMyBlog

“Latyrx sounds motivated and creatively rejuvenated.”Consequence of Sound

The Album / Video:

Today, pioneering hip-hop duo Latyrx, made up of rappers Lyrics Born and Lateef the Truthspeaker, release their anticipated follow-up to their 1997 indie rap classic The Album, appropriately titled The Second Album. The album features appearances from members of Anticon, tUnE-yArDs, Living Colour, and The Decemberists as well as Busdriver, 1-O.A.K. and more. To celebrate the album’s release, they’re proud to share a music video that took nearly 100 hours to create that is compiled of tens of thousands of still images made to look like a stop motion video.

The music video for “Exclamation Point” artfully captures the essence of what a growing part of the population seems to be voicing: feeling overwhelmed and jaded in an overstimulated world while trying to navigate through the chaos to find inspiration and happiness. Juxtaposed against a driving, insistently simple drum line, comes melancholy sweet piano chords and a hook from singer Forrest Day reminding you to “slow it down” and to ignore things that get overused like an exclamation point. Created entirely with still photos shot with a Nikon D700, the video highlights the reality of how quickly life moves. “Much like in life, if you actually went frame by frame you’d notice much more; but as with life, everything just flies by,” explains director Mark Austin Heim. Shot in San Francisco and Oakland and featuring local landmarks and everyday people, the majority of the still images were captured at 4-6 frames per second at a rate of 10,000 stills a day for over a week. Explains Heim, ”After each day we’d compile all the images into a sequence that ran at 24 frames per second. Then we edited the video using the clips created from thousands of still images.” Syncing the sound portion proved to be especially challenging. Heim had Lyrics Born and Lateef rapping at 25% their normal speed to sync their lip movements to the track. “I love how organic yet jittery it feels,” says Lyrics Born.

Releasing another album after over a decade and a half of working on other projects feels fulfilling to Lyrics Born as an artist. “It feels fantastic. I was never totally happy with where we left off and we realized that even after 16 years no other duo had really built upon what we had developed conceptually or structurally, so from a listener’s perspective I think there’s a lot there to keep you interested and engaged,” says LB. “I really think people are going to love this album.” The Second Album is available for purchase on iTunes today.

Latyrx are currently on the first half of their The Second Album World Tour with rap duo Skins and Needles throughout the fall season, and will continue the second leg of the tour in 2014. The tour covers the west coast with stops in Sacramento, Portland, Seattle, San Francisco and more.

Watch the video for “Exclamation Point”:

Check out the HipHopDX premiere of “Exclamation Point”:

Purchase The Second Album on iTunes:

Listen to the entire album now at Pitchfork:


You can buy the CD, vinyl or digital download at any of the following retailers:







Best Buy:;jsessionid=C155D1FFE8EC8BA38F676A6ACA651855.bbolsp-app03-136?id=2764498&skuId=22083545&st=latyrx&lp=2&cp=1




Best Buy:


‘Make It Funky’ – Lyrics Born at the San Jose Jazz Fest

August 5th, 2013


This Friday LB will be performing at the San Jose Jazz Festival in San Jose, CA. What makes this performance more unique than most is that he will be performing his infamous CONTINUUM set, a Tribute to James Brown.
Backing LB will be a full band consisting of Bay Area musicians such as Uriah Duffy and members of both the Jazz Mafia Collective and Skins & Needles. Also joining him on stage, of course, is the lovely Joyo Velarde – LB’s wife and consistent collaborator.

This special performance was most recently talked about in an interview LB did for the San Jose Metro Newspaper.
The interview touches on a variety of topics ranging from Latyrx and Quannum to how jazz and funk are the core of Rap and Hip-Hop.

Check out an excerpt here:

“My perspective on jazz and funk, especially from a hip-hop background, is that it’s the musicianship, plain and simple,” he says, relating his own output to his performance August 9 at the San Jose Jazz Summer Fest. “All I listened to when I was younger was music that was sampled and programmed. When I started to dig deeper and actually listen to what was being sampled, the jazz and funk aspects, of course, stand out. There is a concept of togetherness, cooperation, exploration and defiance. There’s also a rebelliousness to both.”

Read the entire article here:

Don’t miss LB performing this month at the following shows:

08/09 – San Jose Jazz Fest – San Jose, CA
08/17 – Two Acre Shaker – Pemberton, BC
08/24 – Eugene Celebration – Eugene, OR



July 8th, 2013


We’re excited to announce the release of the Official LATYRX headphones from OrigAudio. Launched today, these custom headphones feature original designs by Jason Malig (layout, design) & Brent Rollins (Latyrx logo).

OrigAudio has teamed up with Latyrx to bring you these exclusive headphones as part of their Marketplace launch. You can order a pair of these bad boys via their website

The headphones feature the new Latyrx logo by Brent Rollins as well as unique layout and designs by Jason Malig (Sidewalk II’s). What’s really special about these headphones is how they have been designed by Jason Malig.

“The design pays homage to the original song [Latyrx] and how it was mixed. Left headphone shows the waveform of LB’s verse with the right headphone illustrating Lateef’s. The band at the top has the lyrics of both verses layered on top of each to signify the blended audio.” -Jason Malig

The original “Latyrx” track is available on the band’s debut album, simply titled ‘THE ALBUM’. Listen to the track here:

The latest release from Latyrx is the ‘DISCONNECTION EP’ available right now at The group’s second full-length LP, aptly titled ‘THE SECOND ALBUM’ will be released this fall.
Latyrx is Lyrics Born & Lateef the Truthspeaker.


November 21st, 2012

Just announced today, some of the biggest news this year; Latyrx (Lyrics Born & Lateef) will be performing at Wintersalt in San Francisco, CA on December 29th w/ fellow Quannum fam, DJ Shadow!

This is NOT to be missed!!
Part of a 2-day event, Latyrx takes the stage on Day 2 at Fort Mason in SF, CA as part of DJ Shadow’s set. Also performing that weekend is is K. Flay, Aaron Axelsen, Dillon Francis, Theophilus London, Diplo, Travis Barker w/ Mix Master Mike and many more.
Presented by Eye Heart SF.

Make sure you get your tickets for this very special night of music!



November 1st, 2012

A lot has transpired in hip-hop since the Bay Area rap duo Latyrx released their 1997 critically acclaimed debut LP Latyrx: the Album. Now, after working on their own solo projects and dropping the mixtape ‘Latyrical Madness’ last year, emcees Lyrics Born and Lateef the Truthspeaker– known as Latyrx–are readying a 6 track EP, Disconnection. The duo follow their creative instincts and get experimental on Disconnection, but they maintain their emphasis on lyricism that is at the core of their music. The first single off the EP, “Gorgeous Spirits”, was produced by DJ Replay. Guest cameos on Disconnection include Zumbi of Zion I. Production is shared by The Bangerz, Headnodic, and Amp Live of Zion I.

The history of Latyrx is long and storied: Back in 1995, Bay Area rap was at the big-ballin’ peak of the mobb music craze, LA was chronically gripped in a G-funk indo smoke haze, Atlanta was enjoying its Southernplayalistic days, and NYC was entering a shiny-suit phase.

There was no frame of reference for two lyrical emcees experimenting with the tonality and resonance of rhyme patterns. 
The pairing of Lyrics Born and Lateef the Truthspeaker into Latyrx was “an accident,” LB recalls. Both emcees were solo artists, but when LB heard the pre-Endtroducing DJ Shadow beat which would become Latyrx’ eponymous debut single, his reaction was, “Oh my God, I gotta get on this.” 

“Latyrx” was a syllabic tour de force which began with two dissonant voices — one gruff and bassy, the other higher-pitched and trebly, both hella fluid — it transmogrified into a harmonic convergence of doubled verses simultaneously assaulting eardrums. Undeniably, it was great… but weird. “It was ill,” Lateef recalls. “We really felt like we had something unlike anyone else had done,” he adds.

Latyrx’ first and thusfar, only, full-length, 1997’s Latyrx: the Album, “set the tone for what Solesides and Quannum would do,” LB recalls, while 1998’s Muzappers Mixes EP spawned one of the only feminist-affirming club bangers in hip-hop history, “Lady Don’t Tek No.” 

Though Latyrx never officially broke up, after Muzappers, both members followed their chosen paths to considerable solo success. Yet no matter how much acclaim each attained individually, the notion of someday making another Latyrx record was always present. “It’s probably the number one thing I got asked about in my career,” LB says. 

14 years (!) after the release of Latyrx: the Album, LB and Lateef have finally answered the prayers of long-starved fans who have begged, pleaded and, by now, tweeted about the possibilities of a reunion. An impromptu Latyrx set at a 2010 Jazz Mafia concert at San Francisco’s Mezzanine led to an appearance at 2011’s Outside Lands festival, Google’s Summer Concert Series (they were the first hip-hop act to perform) and a last minute appearance as part of HITRECORD At The Movies — a unique film and music traveling showcase curated and hosted by actor and artist Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

What Latyrx brings to the table is a technical difficulty level rare these days in hip-hop and matched only by a few groups in the genre’s entire history: Run-DMC, Jurassic 5, Blackstar, Freestyle Fellowship. Their challenging, intricate back-and forth arrangements evoke a lyrical version of bebop, with layer upon layer of rhythmic syncopation and vocal patterning constantly pushing the envelope.

”We have a good chemistry and it’s kind of unique,” Lateef says. “We step up each others’ game content, and both of us push each other in the originality department.”

”What we’ve talked about is very simply, picking up where we left off,” LB explains. The return of Latyrx stands as very good news for true hip-hop fans, lyrical aficionados, boom-bap beatniks, urban bohemians, wee tots in Reeboks, and Muzappers of all shapes, sizes, colors, and ages.

Disconnection will be available November 13, 2012 and distributed via InGrooves. Their sophomore album, The Second Album coming April 2013.

If you’d like a downloadable link or for press inquiries, please contact Nicole Balin at 323-651-1580 or email at
Their Sophomore Album, The Second Album, Coming 2013

01. Gorgeous Spirits (Aye, Let’s Go!) (prod by DJ Replay)
02. It’s Time (prod by Amp Live ft Zion I)
03. The Beast (prod by The Bangerz)
04. Rushin Attack (prod by Somehow At Sea)
05. Out Of My Mind (prod by AmpLive & Lyrics Born)
06. Call To Arms (prod by Headnodic / ft Karyn Paige)

Please join Latyrx at a Record Release Party for Disconnection:

11.15 – San Francisco, CA — The Independent w/ special guests The Gift of Gab & 1-O.A.K. BUY TICKETS
11.16 – Sebastopol, CA — Hopmonk Tavern BUY TICKETS
11.17 – Santa Cruz, CA – Moe’s Alley w/ special guests Skins & Needles BUY TICKETS

Pre-Order the EP via iTunes starting November 1st!


May 22nd, 2012

Latyrx is back!
Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year, you know that Lyrics Born & Lateef the Truthspeaker have re-united to once again transform into the mighty Latyrx.

We’re extremely geeked to launch the Official Latyrx IndieGoGo Campaign for ‘The Second Album’.
Click over to to find out what the campaign is all about and how you can be a part of making music history.

In the meantime, watch the video below as LB & Lateef explain what IndieGoGo is all about and why they have chosen to incorporate their fans into the album-making process.


January 30th, 2012

We’re super excited to present the brand new music video from Lyrics Born & Lateef the Truthspeaker, re-united as Latyrx.
The song is called “Hardship Enterprise” and is available off of Lateef’s new album, FIREWIRE on Quannum Projects.

Watch the video here:

The video was directed by Mark Austin Heim & Justin Berger, it was edited by Anthony “Triv” Trivisonno.
The video was produced by Maximum Flavor Media & HKL Films and it was shot at The Independent in San Francisco, CA on November 26th, 2011.

Download the track “Hardship Enterprise” right now at iTunes.

Download the new mixtape from Latyrx: Latyrical Madness Volume One – mixed by DJ Zeph.


December 13th, 2011

It’s a glorious day, L-Beezies!
The first ever mixtape from LATYRX (Lyrics Born & Lateef the Truthspeaker) is available RIGHT NOW to purchase exclusively here at

Previously available ONLY at live shows, we’re now making this epic compilation of music available to everyone as an online digital download.
Click the album cover below to get your copy today!!

(click image to be taken to the Lyrics Born Downloads Store)

Mixed by DJ Zeph (Oakland Faders, Skins & Needles) and featuring a wide array of guests, LATYRICAL MADNESS VOLUME ONE is a Latyrx 101 for those who have never heard and a feast for the ears of longtime fans.
The Gift of Gab (Blackalicious, The Mighty Underdogs), Z-Trip, Fatboy Slim, Headnodic & Kat O1O (Crown City Rockers), Joyo Velarde, Chief Xcel (Blackalicious, Maroons) + more.

The mixtape includes exclusive tracks not available anywhere else including “Rushin Attack”, “Make It Happen” and a brand new, updated version of the Latyrx classic, “Say That”.
Of course the mixtape features Latyrx classics like “Lady Don’t Tek No”, “Storm Warning” and “The Last Trumpet” as well as the brand new track off of Lateef the Truthspeaker’s new record FIREWIRE, “Hardship Enterprise”.

This is a must-have for any fan of Latyrx, Lyrics Born, Lateef the Truthspeaker, Quannum Projects and great music in general!
So don’t hesitate, get your copy right now and spread the word and let ’em know, LATYRX ARE BACK!!!


November 22nd, 2011

What’s crackin’, L-Beezies?!
This Thanksgiving weekend LB & Lateef the Truthspeaker re-unite their superpowers to form the mighty Latyrx once again for 2 exclusive back-to-back nights at The Independent in San Francisco, CA.

Also, available exclusively at these shows and the upcoming NW run, the first ever Latyrx mixtape, ‘LATYRICAL MADNESS VOLUME ONE’, will be available for purchase as a download card.
Make sure you get yours at any of these upcoming shows:

11.25.11 – The Independent | San Francisco, CA
11.26.11 – The Independent | San Francisco, CA
11.30.11 – Humboldt Brews | Arcata, CA
12.01.11 – WOW Hall | Eugene, OR
12.02.11 – Berbati’s Pan | Portland, OR
12.03.11 – Crocodile Cafe | Seattle, WA


Peep this exclusive video shot yesterday at rehearsals for this weekend’s shows: