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October 7th, 2010

What’s up, L-Beezies?!
Welcome to the new and improved!!!

Designed by Jonathan Remulla at Supafrenz and built by Team LB’s programming extraordinaires, Kleinschmit, Beane and Johnston, we’ve got a brand new look and style just in time for the new Lyrics Born album, AS U WERE, dropping 10.26.10 on Mobile Home and Decon.
We’re still updating a few things including a brand new LBFM and LB Downloads Store — but don’t let that stop you from lookin’ around at all the cool new sights and sounds!

Co-inciding with the new site is the launch of the AS U WERE pre-orders available exclusively at The Lyrics Born Variety Store!
Each pre-order of the CD also gets a digital download of the album. Also, stay tuned for an exclusive bundle pack we’ve got coming VERY soon!

The buzz about AS U WERE has been craaaaaaaaaaazy!!!
The single “Lies X 3” has been flyin’ up the charts and has hit #1 on and #2 on Rapnetwork Record Breakers and y’all have been pushin’ it up the charts in so many cities — THANK YOU!
The video is coming VERY SOON!!!

LB has been leakin’ the new record to a few people for some feedback and it has been hott bizness all across the board!
Check out what some of the homies are sayin’ about AS U WERE:

@Headnodic: “We Live By The Beat” “Coulda Shoulda Woulda” & “Oh Baby!” r my fav joints on this new @lyricsborn. Buy #ASUWERE 10/26′

@Tap10: I’m spinning “Coulda Shoulda Woulda” tonight, that’s the one right now!’

@realGiftofGab: #ASUWERE is LP OF THE YEAR!’

@GKoop: Bumpin this new @lyricsborn today. Shits kinda bangin!! Don’t sleep!! #ASUWERE.’

@DNAEBeats: xtra fonky my rellish! #ASUWERE’

On top of that we’ve got some great feedback from Filter Magazine as well as the SF Examiner – check it:

FILTER Magazine:

‘UC-Berkeley graduate Tom Shimura, who has been making sophisticated hip-hop as Lyrics Born for well over a decade, is one of those rare talents that has the ability to turn just about everything he touches into pure audible gold. He’s never really made or been part of a substandard record and the Bay Area MC’s newest album, As U Were, is no exception.’

SF Examiner:

‘With a career spanning over a decade, Lyrics Born is truly an indie music champion. He has continually turned out hits whether he’s riding solo, as a member of Latryx with fellow emcee Lateef, or as the co founder of Quannum records; the label he created with DJ Shadow, Gift of Gab and Lateef.’

If that wasn’t enough LB has gettin’ lots of love from y’all on the new singles “Lies X 3” and “Pushed Aside/Pulled Apart”, as well as the leak, “Something Better” feat. Francis and The Lights:

“I’ve been playing that ‘Pushed Aside’…ill…simply ill.” – Charlie Smash

“Like like LIKE!!! Cannot f’in wait for this album.” – Jen Moxley

“I love the song. I’m listening to it now.” – Sara Rollins

“Yes LB push things forward!!!” – Simon Todd

Wanna join in the convo? Make sure you follow LB on TWITTER and FACEBOOK.

That’s what it is peoples. Pre-order the new album today and make sure you get out and see LB at a venue near you when he hits the road October 19th for The Auto Reverse Tour feat. Chali 2na and Rakaa!!!