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DIGITAL: Latyrx - Live In Austin, TX (1998)

Latyrx - Live in Austin, TX 1998

Many people credit Latyrx for changing the way Hip-Hop duos write, record, and perform music, and nowhere else is this more apparent than on this ULTRA-RARE live recording made in Austin, Texas in 1998.
All their hits, all their enthusiasm, all nite long.


1.  Intro
2.  Regions
3.  The Muzapper's Mixes Medley
4.  Smithzonian Institute of Rhyme
5.   DJ Quest Solo #1
6.   Lost In The Feelin'
7.   Lady Don't Tek No
8.   I Am! (Interlude)
9.   Latyrx
10. Make Some Noooiiiise!
11. Golden Rule
12. Always Fine Tunin'
13. Off (With) Their Heads (Freestyle)
14. Say That
15. DJ Quest Solo #2/Outro

MC: Lyrics Born
MC: Lateef The Truthspeaker
DJ: DJ Quest

The Hand Held Recordings Series is a collection of rare and unreleased live concert recordings made by anonymous, maniacal fans who in most cases smuggled in nothing more than micro-cassette recorders, mini-disc players, or gigantic home video cameras to capture these performances.
Through compression, equalization, and re-mastering, we have tried our damn-dest to beautify these recordings, however, due to inconsistencies in the source material and the unorthodox manner in which these performances were recorded. . .  Well. . .  You get the picture.
That being said, we feel the performances captured within these recordings are both EXCELLENT and ENJOYABLE, and we wouldn't make
them available to the public if we didn't feel that they have immense artistic and historical value.

Label:  Hand Held Recordings / Mobile Home Recordings