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Latyrx - The Album (Deluxe Edition) - Compact Disc (CD)

Just re-released last year, the original classic Latyrx album is now available in this Deluxe Edition - digitally re-mastered w/ bonus tracks previously unavailable on this release!

1. Latyrx
2. Say That
3. The Quickening (The Wreckoning Part II)
4. Balcony Beach
5. Live at 90.3 '94
6. The Muzappers Mix: Aim for the Flickering Flame/Rankin #1
7. Funky Granules
8. Bad News
9. Off [With] Their Heads [Be Prompt]
10. Interlude
11. Burnt Pride
12. Scratchapella
13. The Wreckoning (Live 45 Mix)
14. Burning Hot in Cali On A Saturday Night
15. Looking Over A City (Bonus Track)
16. The Last Trumpet (Bonus Track)