Lyrics Born


The Lyrics Born Variety Show Season 7 - Compact Disc (CD)

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2. How Lucky Am I?
3. Say That Again
4. The Utmost Versatile
5. Uh-Oh (Exclusive)
6. The Funky 4 Corners
7. Poetic Wildfire (Freestyle)
8. Kiss Me, I'm Famous
9. Do It Up, Do It Big (feat Joyo Velarde)
10. Stax On The Table (feat Chali 2na)
11. Alpha & Omega (feat The Gift of Gab)
12. Lost In Here (Syze One-Blend Kingzley Remix) EXCLUSIVE
13. Real People Interlude
14. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah (Hott Bizness Remix) (feat Lateef the Truthspeaker)
15. Freestyle @ The Kneez
16. Do That There (Ill Advised Remix)
17. We Got Differences, Bottom Line
18. Back @ Ya (Freestyle)
19. In Confidence (Remix) EXCLUSIVE
20. Are We Still Number 1? EXCLUSIVE
21. Pop Campaign
22. Stay Professional
23. The Divide Is Widening
24. LB's Monorail EXCLUSIVE
25. Funky Enuff
26. The World Is Calling (Remix)
27. Do Or Die (Far East Movement-Cool Water Remix)
28. Nothin' To Lose
29. Bianca & Sandra EXCLUSIVE

Release date: March 21st, 2016
Label: Mobile Home Recordings