Lyrics Born


DIGITAL: Quannum MCs - Live in San Francisco, CA (2005)

Quannum MC's (Lyrics Born, Gift of Gab, Lateef The Truthspeaker) Live in San Francisco, CA - Feb. 24, 2005

Perhaps one of the most influential lyrical triumvirates known, Lyrics Born, The Gift of Gab, and Lateef The Truthspeaker performing together for the first time as "The Quannum MCs" in San Francisco in 2005.
The trio of truth played this monumental house-shaker in front of a VERY sold out home-town crowd delivering all their collective and individual hits, as well as other rarely performed numbers. This is one for the books, y'all.

Featuring songs from Latyrx, Joyo Velarde, Blackalicious, Lateef, Lyrics Born and more! With over 29 tracks this is a must-have for any Quannum, Latyrx and/or Lyrics Born fan.


1. Paragraph President
2. Best Bonus
3. Pack Up
4. Say That
5. Stop and Talk 1
6. Latyrx
7. Stop and Talk 2
8. 365
9. Lester Hayes
10. Best Of Me
11. Rick The Spot
12. The Writs
13. Do This My Way
14. I'm Just Raw
15. Do That There
16. Freestyles
17. Sweet Angels
18. Simon Sez
19. The Sky Is Falling
20. If
21. The Last Trumpet
22. Introductions
23. Love Me So Bad
24. To Know You
25. Lady Don't Tek No
26. Don't Stop
27. It's Going Down
28. Just Because
29. ??????

The Hand Held Recordings Series is a collection of rare and unreleased live concert recordings made by anonymous, maniacal fans who in most cases smuggled in nothing more than micro-cassette recorders, mini-disc players, or gigantic home video cameras to capture these performances.
Through compression, equalization, and re-mastering, we have tried our damn-dest to beautify these recordings, however, due to inconsistencies in the source material and the unorthodox manner in which these performances were recorded. . .  Well. . .  You get the picture.
That being said, we feel the performances captured within these recordings are both EXCELLENT and ENJOYABLE, and we wouldn't make them available to the public if we didn't feel that they have immense artistic and historical value.

Label:  Hand Held Recordings / Mobile Home Recordings