Lyrics Born


DIGITAL: The Lyrics Born Variety Show Season 6

Mixed by DJ Icewater
Sponsored by Room 389 Oakland, CA


1. Arrival (DJ Icewater Blend) (Latyrx VS Pretty Lights)
2. Cannon In The Heavens (Lotus feat Lyrics Born)
3. Everything Is Fine (The Gift of Gab feat Latyrx & George Clinton)
4. She Can Git It (Exclusive) (feat Cutso)
5. The Revolution Will Not Be Televised (An Apple A Day feat Lyrics Born)
6. Hands Up (Remix) (DJ Zeph feat Lyrics Born & The Gift of Gab)
7. Vibe Vendetta Freestyle (Exclusive) (Pretty Lights feat Lyrics Born)
8. More (My-G feat Lyrics Born)
9. Exclamation Point! (Edison Remix - Exclusive) (Latyrx feat Forrest Day)
10. What Happened 2 Our Love Affair? (DJ Icewater Blend)
11. Seco (Instituto feat Lyrics Born, Joyo Velarde & Bnegao)
12. Urayasu Girl (Amores Vigilantes feat Lyrics Born)
13. Shadow (Alan Wilkis feat Lyrics Born & White Hinterland)
14. Poetic Wildfire (Freestyle - Exclusive) (DJ Icewater Blend)
15. Watershed Moment (Latyrx feat Tuneyards & The Gift of Gab)
16. Tom Shimura (Exclusive Freestyle)
17. Things They Wish They Could (Somehow At Sea feat Lyrics Born)
18. Shake It Off (DJ Icewater Blend)
19. Vintage MCM (Exclusive Freestyle)
20. That's It! (Real People Remix) (feat Preservation Hall Jazz Band)
21. Deliberate Jibberish (Latyrx feat Tuneyards)
22. $ir Racha
23. Do That There (Fort Knox 5 Remix)
24. Jump (DJ Icewater Blend) (Skins & Needles feat Lyrics Born)
25. Chest Wide Open (feat David Shaw)
26. My 9 to 5 (Latyrx)

Release date: October 28th, 2014
Label: Mobile Home Recordings